Industry Education – Early career farmers workshops

Jan 11, 2018


New generations of farmers are entering the industry without the years of family knowledge and country upbringing behind them. Agronomy Solutions places great value in educating the next generation and those new to the career to help create informed decision makers.

The Hart Field Site Group runs South Australia’s premier agronomic cropping field site with an aim of providing independent information and skills to the broadacre cropping industry.

Project Details


Project participants 
Hart Field-Site Group
Early career farmers

Mid North, South Australia

Project Objectives

Agronomy Solutions director Sean Mason delivered the soil and crop nutrition component of a four-part workshop series covering in-season weed identification and control, soil fertility and crop nutrition and farm tours.

Hart Field-Site Group research and extension manager Sarah Noack says feedback following the sessions has been very positive with participants keen to use their newly learned skills on farm.


 “For farmer workshops it can be challenging to find speakers that combine sound research and communication skills.” 

“Sean has conducted many research trials in the Mid-North and has an understanding of our system which is invaluable when communicating information with farmers.” Sarah Noak

“I have made more informed decisions on nitrogen applications.”

“I’m going to N (nitrogen) test all our paddocks after the soil tests showed we had lower than expected available N in the soil.” Research Participant

Importance of training

The Hart Field Site Group places value in training and education in soil fertility and crop nutrition, particularly due to the high cost of fertiliser inputs on-farm.

“Industry is seeking information that can improve decision making around how much fertiliser needs to be applied and when,” Sarah says.

“There are always new products, sensors and technologies on the market and workshops like these are critical to help evaluate the potential of adopting them.”