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Could tech allow us to accurately test soil while still in the paddock?
This is what Sean Mason is testing with near infrared spectroscopy thanks to @theGRDC investment. Learn more from his feature article in the Winter 2020 @SPAA_Inc Precision Ag News

Great day out at the @NorthernSoils spring crop walk yesterday with some valuable discussion on deep ripping, chicken manure applications, molybdenum nutrition and lime applications. Thanks to @AgSolutionsOz for flying the APAL flag. APAL is proud to sponsor this event.

How do you approach fertiliser rates? Variable rate application can save money and increase yields.

Read more about planning for this approach in 2021 with our independent lab partner @Apallabs

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Agronomy Solutions is project lead on this @theGRDC investment.
Our aim is to improve nutrient management best practice through increased use of soil testing.
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What is the best time of sowing and its influence on soil phosphorous requirements in broadacre cropping?
This is what @AgSolutionsOz is asking in its @SAGrainTrust trials.
Our research answers your questions.


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Episode 1: Searching for healthy soil

Healthy soil is critical in agriculture as it ensures both productivity and profitability. However, the science behind achieving healthy soil is complex.

Agronomy Solutions director and research agronomist Sean Mason has built his career around solving the mysteries of soils in agriculture.

In this podcast Sean discusses the importance of soil testing to maximise productivity.

Episode 2: Balancing nutrition and profit

Nutritional inputs represent a significant cost for most growers. They’re forced to toe the fine line of ensuring profitability in a climate where fuel costs, grain prices and freight costs can fluctuate without notice.

In this podcast, research agronomist and director of Agronomy Solutions Sean Mason explains some of the results from his latest research into how time of sowing can influence phosphorus requirements in crops.

Episode 3: New technology and soil management

Industry leaders widely agree that new technologies have been a key driver in ensuring the future sustainability and profitability of Australian agriculture.

However, the validation of these technologies is necessary to ensure safety, accuracy and best practice protocols are developed.

In this podcast, Agronomy Solutions director and agronomist Sean Mason and Australian Precision Ag Laboratory managing directors Sam Bald discuss the potential of near infrared technology to change how growers monitor their soil nutrient levels.

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