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About Agronomy Solutions


Agronomy Solutions is a private, independent company providing agricultural research, education and advice in the area of soils and plant nutrition. Our service extends to industry, partner research organisations, universities, agronomists, advisers and growers.

Our young team of passionate staff are innovative in promoting and evaluating the latest innovations and technologies in agriculture.

The company endeavors to ensure that quality research outcomes and extension are delivered to improve the agricultural industry’s knowledge and integrity.

We have identified the importance for education and advice in the areas of soils and plant nutrition. Our company provides training programs and consultancy services to ensure advisers and growers are getting the latest up to date information in soils and nutrition.

Dr. Sean Mason

Dr. Sean Mason

Research Agronomist - Director

Dr Sean Mason throughout his research career at the University of Adelaide has gained considerable experience in the area of soil and plant nutrition. He has been extensively involved in validating and commercialising a new soil test for P (DGT) in addition to being a part of the larger project team for the Better Fertiliser Decisions for Crops (BFDC) project. Dr. Mason has a proven track record in leading several GRDC/SAGIT funded projects delivering vital information to the agricultural industry. He has gained significant experience in the design and analysis of replicated field and glasshouse trials, including glasshouse trials that use radioisotopes. Evidence of the ability to translate research results and influence practice change has occurred through the validation and commercialisation phase of the DGT soil test. He has significant experience in the communication of research work to researchers, advisors and growers through a vast range of media including GRDC ground cover, MPCN initiative meetings, GRDC updates, conferences, field days and international literature.
Dr. Ryan Walker

Dr. Ryan Walker

Agronomist - Director

Ryan’s background is in Agricultural research and Agronomy. With extended experience in the field and the fertiliser industry, Ryan delivers practical approaches and outcomes to soils and plant nutrition.